who you gonna call: ghostbusters (2016)

I watched Ghostbusters on TV as a kid–Friday nights, right? I wasn’t particularly attached to it, but I did like their ghost-fighting guns, that thing they stepped on that captures ghosts, their vehicle’s siren and /slimer/. But I wasn’t particularly attached to /the crew/–sure, four ghost-fighting guys. Younger me wasn’t impressed, because younger me didn’t really care, as younger me = a girl.

When they said they were going to reboot the Ghostbusters franchise with an all-female cast, I thought it was a meme. Or a joke. A very cruel one, at that, but one that excited me anyhow. Frankly, I would watch /anything/ that had women as leads, if only to help disprove that notion that Movies With Women, For Women do not generate money.

But really, it wasn’t really until we were sitting inside the cinema that it dawned on me, with absolute certainty: This was really happening.

Spoilers under cut.

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weekend round-up: the 100, galavant and lesbians

Welcome to the weekend!

Your weekend round-up has dancing warriors in mail, juvies in a post-apocalyptic earth and lesbians. This serves as your warning (or invite, hehe).

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what i watch: st trinian’s


A movie about “bad” girls trying to save their “extraordinary” boarding school? I’m 100% here for this. Plus: Rupert Everett plays headmistress. It’s like Mrs Doubtfire meets Cracks meets Mission Impossible (IKR). And it has Colin Firth AND a dog named Mr Darcy. It’s all very weird, but in a good, enjoyable way.

Synopsis: New girl Annabelle enters St Trinian’s School for (Bad) Girls and meets all sorts of, well, girls: including Head Girl Kelly (played by the gorgeous Gemma Arterton) and the chemist twins who like making vodka for their illicit underground factory. (I know). It’s like Orange is the New Black meets Misfits, but with teens who are smart AND evil.

When girls get wind of news that the school’s about to go bankrupt, they take matters into their own hands. Their crime of choice: An art heist. (“You want to kidnap Scarlett Johansson?” Oh my god, I cannot with this movie, okay.) To get there: They must make it to the finals of a national quiz bee. (Main takeaway: The capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou.)

Also here: Russell Brand, who plays a con artist; Mischa Barton, who plays former Head Girl turned PR guru; and Lena Headey, who plays an adorably geeky English teacher.


watch: guardians of the galaxy (2014)


So I’m probably very, very late to the Marvel bandwagon — I got hooked on TV show Agents of Shield, and upon discovering the thing about overlapping characters I promptly hurled myself into all of the movies (ngl, I had no intention of watching the recent Captain America release, and only did so because it contained major Agents of Shield continuity elements — no regrets, The Winter Soldier was awesome + Iron Man rewatch galore + Avengers rewatch = several hours gone just like that lol), and yes, all the things I’ve loved about Marvel movies and Shield are also here in Guardians of the Galaxy, which tells of a band of misfits taking on a mega evil to stop it from annihilating a whole planet.

The thing I love best about Galaxy is that it’s a team effort — people coming together to get things done is one of my favoritest things, along with unexpectedly tender moments for tough characters, etc. and just: THIS MOVIE. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I was pleasantly surprised (confused? lol) to find Chris Pratt with abs under all those things — sorry I can’t seem to fully shed the whole This is Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec but like in a fanfiction set in Space thing from my brain, and don’t get me started on Groot because I will start crying.

GROOT. Groot. I am suddenly having very fond feelings toward Andrea’s plants because of Groot. I mean, do they also dance when no one’s watching? (Give me a moment, I’ll be with you on Drax in a few) Just, how can you put so many feelings in a character with a vocabulary of under five words? Vin Diesel, man. Also: We are Groot. I LOST IT MAN. I just lost it. The whole Mother Nature/Nurture/Destroy/Protect thing with Groot is… very several-layered (is this even a word? GROOT). Also: FIREFLIES. In my head I go to a place where Groot’s a teenage tree trying to impress another teenage tree with FIREFLIES and it’s just. Sometimes my brain. Also I have a headcanon where Groot is Pocahontas’ grandmother Willow’s boyfriend. Stop that, I know.

I ship it though.

And DRAX. Oh my God, don’t ever call me a thesaurus. I cannot. His inability to grasp metaphors is an absolutely adorable thing. Nothing goes over my head — my reflexes are too fast. Jesus. I’d like he and Thor to get over fights because of taking things too literally and Tony Stark eating popcorn with Peter Quill while watching.

Also, ROCKET makes me want to pet him. Angry little raccoon come cuddle it’s gonna be okay. *rubs behind ear*

Anyway. tl;dr – go watch it if you haven’t. It’s a fun ride.