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on giving up

Sixteen days, sixteen months, one hundred sixteen weeks. How long do you wait before giving up?

what i read: a story about girls

The first time I came across Beth Lalonde’s “The girls are never supposed to end up together,” it was on Tumblr. Over the weekend, Medium included it in its must-read list for the week, so I’m sharing it again. For me, the killer passage was: The point of your story is not to fall in

i got a hunger

The other day, a couple of friends and I were talking about settling.

the art of moving

I wrote a piece for Katha’s third issue, which is about big leaps.

yearender: 2013 in creations

Last day of the year! Capping this yearender series with a summary of things I created this year – mixtapes and a handful of written things under cut.

what we saw: warsaw

or, alternatively: winter for tropical girls. photos to follow.

[wrap] november so far

A list of things to say.

the long goodbye

I am sitting on the edge of November and thinking, Novembers are for mothers. Where I say something about Meghan O’Rourke’s “The Long Goodbye,” among other things.

the great shedding, 2013

I guess I should say something about moving.

i write this for you*

Trust me when I say, I am writing this for you. On this day, ten years ago, I started going in circles with the first girl I fell in love with.


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