your optional Monday round-up: SK, badassery 101, star nurseries and finding time for boredom

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week round-up: regrets, i’ve had a few

Serious regrets first: I think it may have come across as haphazard when I said in my coming out post that nobody disagrees that murder is evil, whereas everything’s sort of gray when it comes to LGBT rights.

It is unfortunate that I had that post queued at a time when I had not yet fully read on the circumstances around the murder of Filipino transgender woman Jennifer Laude in Olongapo last Friday. Murder charges have been brought against American serviceman Joseph Scott Pemberton, who was the last person seen with Laude.

As it occurs in the midst of debate on the Visiting Forces Agreement and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Act, the issue has been framed along those lines, but personally, I think it has to be highlighted that it’s a hate crime. I’ve seen online the vile things people have to say about this, with some going so far as saying Jennifer “had it coming” because she “lied to the American” about being a woman. As a friend pointed out: She was murdered. YOU GUYS. The person is dead. No matter how she lived, nobody deserves to be murdered. Pakiayos nga mga utak niyo. (If any.)


Yesterday, the paper also issued a clarification that we’ll be using she/her as our pronoun for Laude (who was described in the first New York Times report on the event as a cross-dresser who was found dead dressed as a woman  — adding for those of you who’re thinking along the lines of WWNYTD).


That we have to discuss the pronoun to use — and that we have to defend the concept of personal autonomy to some surprisingly narrow-minded co-workers (So ganun-ganun na lang yun? Kung ano pronoun gusto niya, yun susundin natin? Ah, eh — did you just hear yourself ask this question? What’s so hard to grasp about this concept?) — makes this a precious moment of education, I suppose.

I’ll probably get around to compiling sources when I get on a better connection, but for now I suggest googling Laverne Cox. What a woman.


And now, for my not-so-serious regret: I finally got around to watching Edge of Tomorrow, and in summary my feelings are:

  • Why did I not watch this when it first came out??
  • Sexual orientation: Emily Blunt blowing things up and being badass with a broken helicopter blade, you guys. I cannot.

It’s like Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers, and damn it, this movie was missold as a Tom Cruise movie. Just saying. Does this have a sequel? Because I am watching that sequel. Also: Is this a video game? Because I am playing this video game (… after I graduate from grad school…. in X million years.)

#throwback: telebabad hits

Kanina, naghuhugas ako ng pinggan nang maalala ko ang term na, Three-way. (O wala munang comment na R-18, PG lang tayo dito guys.) Wala lang. Never kaming nagka-three way, ni call-wait nga wala. Medyo late na kaming nagkatelepono sa lumang bahay sa Cavite, at dahil long distance ka (046 reprezent) usually hindi ka tinatawagan ng mga kaklase mo nung high school kasi nga mahal sa bill, at dahil wala kang kausap, wala ring point magka-call-wait at three-way. Siguro masaya tatay ko dun.

Which is not to say na wala akong kausap sa phone. Natatandaan ko nung 2nd year high school ako nagkabisyo ako ng telebabad na inaabot ng alas-dos ng madaling araw – napagsaraduhan na ako ng tatay ko ng ilaw, at kailangan ko nang bumulong sa dilim. Yung kausap ko nun yung kaisa-isa kong kaklaseng taga-Cavite. Na girl. AT BAGO ANG LAHAT gusto ko lang linawin na 1) Harmless platonic conversations 1998-1999! at 2) Gumagawa kami ng homework over the phone okay. As in Algebra.

Natawa ako sa Harmless Platonic Conversation disclaimer na ngayon kelangan ko nang i-append sa lahat ng bagay. Noong 1998/1999 – 15/16 years ago, my gad, kung bata ang aking telebabad habit, may JS prom na siya this year – siguro safe to assume na medyo asexual ako. Masyado ata akong bata to think about boys? Or girls, for that matter? Haha. Sha, sige. Safe to assume na preoccupied ako sa pagcope sa somewhat recent passing ng aking butihing ina + ALGEBRA. Ang hirap-hirap ng math, tapos nasestress pa ako sa kaiisip WHAT IF hindi ako makahanap ng palakang ida-dissect for Bio?? (Well, nagkaubusan nga ng palaka for Bio, at we ended up dissecting as a team – hands down the most terrifying thing ever)

Anyway. Hay high school. Iisipin mo pa kung a-attend ka ng high school dance. (*high pitched* HIGH SCHOOL DANCE haha) Lahat big deal. In conclusion: Nakakastress maging high school person.

ANYWAY. Kapag binabalikan ko nga: Shet, ano nga ba ang pwede nyong pag-usapan ng limang oras sa telepono? Sige first 1.5 hrs partida Algebra, or English. Idagdag mo na lang 1 pang oras yung class-related tsismis (“Nakita mo ba yung poging 4th year na ka-share natin ng room kanina? Ang bango niya no?” etc). That’s 2.5 hrs. Kung nagsimula ng 9 p.m. ang conversation, by 11.30 dapat tapos na kami BUT NO alas-dos na hindi pa naghihiwalay? EVERY. OTHER. DAY?

Wow. Minsan pag binabalikan ko lahat ng aking intense girl-connections nung high school nagwowonder talaga ako. LOL. Either napaka-latent ng aking pagiging lesbyana, or intense lang talaga ako makipagkaibigan.

(Feel ko intense lang talaga ako makipagkaibigan.)

Pero to be fair 40% ng usap namin may boys. Pero sa side niya. Haha. Andami niyang kapitbahay na pogi, at enjoy naman akong makinig ng mga kwento ng babaeng baliw na sinisilip-silip yung kapitbahay nila from their room. (I have never outgrown this, FYI.) I suppose kapag wala kang internet/Facebook/Twitter/iPad at cable, dami mo talagang time: Mag-aral. Dumaldal sa phone. Manilip sa kapitbahay. Etc.

Disclaimer: In the off chance na narito ka te at narerecognize mo ang sarili mo — haha, sorry :) It was a good time.

a trip to museo orlina

Visited Museo Orlina in Tagaytay for the first time on Sunday and was promptly blown away by the talent and the pretty. The museum hosts works by Ramon Orlina, Filipino master of glass sculptures, and includes mostly his astounding glass and bronze works, including a five-foot glass fountain, a gorgeous bronze bust inspired by Pilita Corrales, bronze busts of Cory Aquino and Piolo Pascual, and restored Volkswagens in the garage.

The P100 entrance fee comes with a free tour. Our tour guide’s name was Paulo, and he was pretty good. Aside from the sculptures, there is also a giant interactive touchscreen TV on the third floor which contains videos and an interactive memory game (which we played hehe). My favorite spot is the roof deck, which has a coffee shop and a very nice view of Taal Lake.

This trip also marks 83 months together! One more month to go before Year 7! Wow. Time flies.

Black and white.
BLACK AND WHITE. Looking at you looking at me.
Gallery shot
GALLERY SHOT. Happy 83! :)
Bronze bust of Cory Aquino
Bronze bust of Cory Aquino
Guess who?
Guess who?