yearender: 2012 in new adventures

Oh, clearly the best part of 2012 was the adventure. I’ve never really been that person — I’m the one that stays put, often. But looking back, I realize that much of this year was characterized by movement — and by that, I don’t just mean going from one place to another (which I also did, and often). I also mean going from one state of mind to another, from one challenge to another, from one comfort zone to the next.

I guess, in many ways, 2012 gave me new eyes. (Paraphrasing Emily Dickinson: Not older by the year but newer with every day.)

Here are a few of my favorite adventures this year. (Photos under cut)

February. Truth be told, I have never been to Mindanao before this year. Thankfully, in February, Read-Along duties brought me to Cagayan de Oro, where we conducted a post-Sendong event. Bonus side-trip: White-water rafting with Inquirer Mindanao + Read-Along family! Crazy times.

The aftermath. Also in this picture: Mario and Rich of Alitaptap, our boat guides, three boys from Rex Bookstore and Sandy the lone traveler.
The aftermath. Also in this picture: Mario and Rich of Alitaptap, our boat guides, three boys from Rex Bookstore and Sandy the lone traveler. (February 2012)

March. Balaisdaan with the Angels! Opened up the summer with a beach trip with my favorite girls. (Blog entry here)

Taken by Kim. Expert talaga. :) March 2012.
Taken by Kim. Expert talaga. 🙂 March 2012.

April. Under the sun in Pangasinan! This year’s Holy Week Research Adventure brought us to Bolinao — and through Camiling — and back. May comedy, may action, may horror. Kumpleto talaga ang road trip na ‘to. (Blog entry here.)

Century Superbods: Bolinao. (April 2012)
LOL. Best photo ever. I still laugh out loud when I see this photo.

May. For the summer, I spent four days in Boracay with le familia. First time back in Boracay in seven years. Before this year, the last time I was here was another life entirely: Another girl, another phone, another cell phone number. Haha. It has changed a lot, and it was like re-introducing myself to an old acquaintance. Still beautiful though. (Blog entry here.)

Krista, Wy and Auntie. Fine, fine shores. May 2012. (I said I was coming back. And I did. Within the year. Twice. How’s that for ~truly smitten.)

August. I suppose even the seasoned traveler remembers his/her first time, and I’d always look back at 2012 as mine. Incidentally, also my first time on a really long flight alone. With transfers. Haha. Whenever I am horrified about something (and you know what they say, if you’re not scared then you’re probably stupid) I remind myself that on my first time out of the country, I was alone and I made it back without getting lost. I foresee this will be my benchmark for everything for a long, long, long time.  (DENMARK = 2012. Blog entry here.)

Giant anchor! Papicture! (This photo taken by V from Mexico! Thanks!)
At Nyhavn. August 2012.

October. Attended Pat and Dan’s wedding in Boracay. I said I was coming back, didn’t I? =) It felt like an impulse trip — I carried a backpack and rode a plane alone, rode a van from Kalibo and tried to get into a trike amid a riot alone. Hehe. It was kind of fun. It’s not so bad traveling alone (though weeks later, I’d realize, it’s really better with someone.)

But for now: Miguel x Beach. The life. October 2012.

December. Speaking of impulse trips — we Capricorns aren’t particularly known for this sort of spontaneity, but we did it anyway. Barely two days of planning even. For all the beaches and the trips we’ve been to, this was actually our first time in Boracay. And it was better than I ever imagined it would be. (Boracay — again, with feelings.)

Finally. ♥ December 2012.

January-December. DLSU. First three terms of my MBA. Probably my most massive adventure yet — and remember what I said about moving from one comfort zone to another? Yep. It makes me happy to note that I actually made new friends this year, despite initial difficulties. Pace is quick, and in some cases the learning curve was actually very unfriendly haha (hello Accounting and Business Law, I’m looking at you), but in all my first year back in school has been just the right amount of challenging — and I look forward to even more challenging years ahead.

Here’s to turning the heat up, 2013. See you in a few. =)

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