hell yeah: lost girl 3×01

Oh man, how I’ve missed Lost Girl. (Blow-by-blow SPOILERS under cut)

But here have a photo of Kenzi all dolled up. You're welcome.
But here have a photo of Kenzi all dolled up. You’re welcome.

This show is a riot: From teasers, we’ve gleaned that Bo’s turned a bit dark — which got me really excited, because dark!Bo should really be interesting to watch. Fifteen minutes in and Bo’s belongings are already being examined by jail wardens, (LOL that bullet vibe. Oh Bo, why should you put these thoughts in my head at 10 in the morning?) and hello communal showers.

And then we see Lauren in the prison clinic and I’m like, Ano ba ang nangyari nung break at ganito na?! For a moment I thought Bo was forcing her way into prison so she could be with Lauren who had taken to avoiding her over the break because hello you killed my girlfriend while she was evil but still BUT APPARENTLY they’re both undercover to investigate suspicious shenanigans at the prison facility, conveniently operated by AMAZONS. Hmm.

Amazons as prison guards in the Hecuba Prison Facility.
Amazons as prison guards in the Hecuba Prison Facility. Lost Girl 3×01.

Other developments: Hale is the new Ash, Vex is still on their side, Trick still owns the pub, Kenzi is still awesome and oh man, Dyson GOT HIS LOVE BACK.

ANYWAY. There’s something fishy in this prison facility. Pick up the episode and you’re in for a very interesting twist. I’m just here to comment on the bigger arc, which is:

Lauren: 1, Dyson: 0.
Lauren: 1, Dyson: 0.

Throughout the episode we get snippets of Lauren telling Bo to “be sure”, “be clear”, etc and I’m all like, Jesus my heart. Toward the end, Bo’s all like, “I know you deserve better,” (PLUS POINTS FOR DIALOGUE) and I’m all like, OH MY GOD WHAT NOW. And then Bo follows it up with a kiss and says, “I want to give this a shot.”

FOR REAL, WRITERS?? Two seasons and one dead ex-girlfriend later, here we are. Legit as fuck and we even hear Bo say, “I’m off to see my girlfriend,” toward the end. HAY SALAMAT PO DIYOS KO.

(I love this scene because they’re kissing in a prison facility where Bo’s powers have no hold. Hence they can kiss for as long as they can without Bo killing Lauren owing to succubus powers. It’s kind of sweet.)

Also in the background: Dyson and Kenzi. I love this bro team. And Dyson being all, I got my love back but it got nowhere to go oh no. Oh man, Wolfman. I kind of want to hug you.

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