year 6 celebrations!

This post is  a week late! This week has been crazy on the work-school front, but here: Just a note to say: Andrea and I hit 6 years last Sunday and we had a blast (despite the gloomy weather)!

Notes on the celebration under cut. 

  • Venue was Shangri-La, mainly because we wanted to catch the 2:30 p.m. screening of Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita (which was very good! Huhuhu I wish there were more movies about lesbians coming of age.)
  • We ate at La Creperie and had tea called Grand Wedding (hihi). It was early so the place was empty, and we sat side by side looking at all these empty tables thinking, When are the guests coming? Haha. Mga ilusyunada.
  • We had early dinner at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen. Nom. Loved the gyoza. Heard they opened in Rockwell. Better check that out soon-ish.
  • Had to go home early because of heavy rains, and because the Universe loved us, it let us get home in between heavy downpour. Boo-yah.

Some notes on Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita:

  • THIS CAST, OMG. The kids were fantastic. Super loved the kids who played Carmen and Goying, and it was not a surprise at all that lead kid Teri Malvar won Best Actress in the festival. Well deserved win!
  • Me throughout the film: Eh kung may kapitbahay din akong sing-ganda ni Angel Aquino nung bata ako sa Cavite, eh di sana napa-aga-aga ng konti yung realization ko, di kaya? Haha.
  • That said: ANGEL AQUINO, OMG. Just, everything about her. Holding a bolo.  Opening a local hilot business. Trying to play the harmonica. Watching the kids drinking hot chocolate. ARGH WOMAN. Why so attractive.
  • Disclosure: I love coming of age stories, like, the most. It’s all I want to write, actually. Haha. Truth be told, I feel like I’ve been writing and rewriting this story until I get it right. So far, I haven’t. So it goes.
  • That said: Coming of age stories with older women as objects of attraction: Tripping all my fucking chords, man.
  • Scenes that made me cry: Anita x mom, Anita x Angel x that night. Huhuhu. WHY.
  • That said: The ending was… okay, never mind, it doesn’t matter.

And now, for some photos:

Six Years - An Infographic by Andrea (watercolor)
Six Years – An Infographic by Andrea (watercolor!)
At La Creperie -- Presidential Table at a wedding lang ang peg.
At La Creperie — Presidential Table at a wedding lang ang peg.
Grand Wedding tea. Pwede.
Grand Wedding tea. Pwede.
I love gyoza so much I occasionally sing about it
I love gyoza so much I occasionally sing about it



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4 thoughts on “year 6 celebrations!”

    1. Thanks Rhea! 🙂 Re infographic, ang brilliant di ba! 🙂 Watercolor pa. Dork x Art 🙂 PS good luck sa papers! Kayang-kaya, ikaw pa! PS POSTCARDSSSSS <3 <3

  1. Awww, congrats! And, ang cute ng infographic. Pero mas cute kayo. Yihee! 🙂

    Naintriga ako sa Ang Huling Cha-Cha. Buti na lang may screening pa sa UPFI sa November. Yay!

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