yearender: 2013 in tv shows

Ah, 2013. Man, this year was a good year to be a lesbian who watches a LOT of tv.

Like, a really, really good year. In a nutshell: This year gave me Tamsin (Lost Girl), Cosima Niehaus and Delphine Cormier (Orphan Black), Alex fucking Vause (Orange is the New Black), and Holly Stewart’s face (Rookie Blue). And in rapid succession at that — God bless you, Tumblr, for being my top rec source for everything obsession-worthy.

In summary: I JUST CANNOT. Not sure exactly how I survived all that obsessing but here I am doing this rundown of favorite moments. Subtitle: Thank you for being awesome this year, Canada!

Lost Girl: Where Tamsin comes running to Bo

Remember this moment in 3.08 where Tamsin gets so excited about Bo’s extraordinary performance and literally comes to her running to congratulate her… with a kiss?

What? You need a visual reminder?

Bo/Tamsin Feelings 2013
This jog your memory enough? Okay.

Lost Girl: Where Tamsin is drunk and she gets into the tub 

I think I played this scene over and over just to make sure it wasn’t fan-made or that I wasn’t actually just dreaming all of it up. Tamsin being honest with Bo in true in vino veritas style, and right inside a tub filled with suds, at that.

Oh, right. A visual reminder. (I also wrote about the Lost Girl finale here.)

Barge into my shower anytime, Tamsin.
Kinda trying to keep my blog SFW so here you go. Rachel Skarsten’s face though. Ugh, so attractive.

Orphan Black: Where Cosima just wants to make crazy science with Delphine

I wish I talked about Orphan Black more, though I did do a rather lengthy segment here, I still feel that this show deserved its own stand-alone lengthy post. With a lot of Evelyne Brochu pictures, preferably.

I am having an Evelyne Brochu situation.
I am having an Evelyne Brochu situation.

Orange is the New Black: Because, Alex Vause.

I did not see this show coming. I was knee-deep in school-work and work-work when this came into my life, and I really did not know what hit me. Except that it looked like a very attractive bespectacled girl to me. Haha. Oh man, Laura Prepon. How hot is your voice?

WELP. I have fallen and I cannot get up, SEND HELP.

Rookie Blue: Or, alternatively, how attractive is your face, Holly Stewart?

Speaking of shows with attractive bespectacled girls that I did not see coming, here’s an obscure show that was also peddled to me via Tumblr: Rookie Blue. Plot-wise, it’s like Grey’s Anatomy but for cops, and it has an adorable blonde named Gail Peck, who is attractive and emotionally unavailable/constipated, which is how I normally like my blonde characters. (See also: Naomi from Skins.)

But really, what hooked me was a forensic pathologist named Holly Stewart. What is refreshing about Holly is that she announces straight (snicker) away that she is lesbian, and man, this is a ship that had, like, less than 20 minutes between them, and YET. Ugh. Adorable.

LOL this is a good summary of the entire thing.
LOL this is a good summary of the entire thing.

Game of Thrones: Where Margaery steals the whole kingdom, este, show. 

Natalie fucking Dormer, my god. Season 3 of Game of Thrones was our community watch — meaning, it’s the show we all watched apart then talked about when we were together, and can anybody really forget what happened at that fucking dinner, oh my God. Never inviting cellists to my wedding. Also: I ship Margaery Tyrell with myself. I love, love, love Natalie Dormer’s face.

Margaery. Your face is unfair, good lord.
Margaery. Your face is unfair, good lord.

Honorable mentions/Things you should also be watching:

The Crazy Ones. Where Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are in advertising. It is hilarious, and watch for James Wolk, who is handsome and actually fucking funny.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. I predict this would my biggest obsession for 2014. I can feel it. I love the familiar dynamics of this crew — this is, after all, a Joss Whedon show. I love how Phil Coulson is like Giles, and how Ward is like Angel, haha. I love how I cannot place Melinda May in any role I’m familiar with — which is why I love her the hardest. Also, for the longest time, I have been resisting Skye’s face, but damn there is something attractive about her that I cannot comprehend right now. Fearless forecast: I’ll be shipping her with Jemma Simmons by January. Or maybe tomorrow. Also, Fitz reminds me of Xander.


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12 thoughts on “yearender: 2013 in tv shows”

    1. But to be serious, what a refreshing show, with women front and center, women of all shapes, sizes, colors, faiths, temperaments, and sexual orientations. I love LOVE this show.

      1. What a show no? Great to see so many sorts of women at the same time! I mean, remember that dance-off scene? Tangina andaming babae — saan kang show makakakita ng ganun karaming babae?! :)) Which one’s your fave? I mean, apart from Alex Vause haha (ngl I am so gay for Alex Vause.)

        1. My god, parang wala akong ayaw sa mga characters e! But I love Poussey and Taystee. Gumulong ako when they role-played white women. “But Mackenzie – !”

          I also love Sofia and si Sister. 🙂 Tangena o, a nun who speaks her mind and who knows what’s what!

          1. Ugh hard to choose no! Nakakaloka yang sequence na yan ni Taystee at Poussey HAHAHA BUT MACKENZIEEEEE trololol. Gusto ko rin dynamic ni Red at Nicky. Lord, Natasha Lyonne! Huhu I can’t with this show. It’s too much for my heart sometimes.

  1. Can we fangirl about The Crazy Ones, please! 😀 James Wolk is <3 <3 <3 But, Hamish Linklater, too! Actually everyone's pretty funny. And yes, Skye's pretty face. I didn't even find her character annoying like all the critics did (or used to before they found out she was an 0-8-4). And I think it was because of her face. Also, I think she's the best at delivering Whedonesque dialogue.
    Not sure if you'll like it, but I'm also somewhat obsessing about Brooklyn Nine Nine. Because of Andy Samberg, and Police Squad! nostalgia. You should check it out! (if you haven't already)

    1. CRAZY ONES! ang ganda ng dynamic ng cast na to!

      SHIELD – are we getting another hiatus?? nakakaloka ok. between this post and today, i’ve been loving everyone a bit harder? especially coulson? huhu that man needs a hug. how far along are you (well, as far as 084 apparently haha) have you gotten around the latest one? wanna make sure before SPOILERS lol

      BROOKLYN NINE NINE OMG OMG OMG wait lang. WAIT LANG. Just got into this (LOL ROSA 5EVA) up until ep 5 (because this is our Couple Watch thing and I refuse to watch it until Andrea gets back) — it’s pretty promising! I am loving it. 🙂

      1. Haha! OK, no spoilers re: Brooklyn Nine Nine then. 🙂 But I’m falling in love with Jake Peralta. When is Andrea coming back? Manood na kayo!!!

        Re: SHIELD, I’ve seen the latest episode yay! Still not a fan of Grant and May. And I think things are going to get serious between them. 🙁

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