lost girl catch-up: 4.08

Mini-cap of Lost Girl 4.08 — It’s Yule, there’s a grumpy Fae santa who goes all Willy Wonka on people with regret, Hale tries multiple pick-up line combinations to get Kenzi to do it with him, Lauren, Dyson and Vex get drunk and TAMSIN GETS STUCK IN A TIME LOOP WITH BO AND THEY KISS IN ALL OF THEM LOOPS. In a nutshell: You have no idea how much I love this episode.

Gazillion valkubus screencaps under cut. Warning.

I think I first watched this episode during my post-Christmas-pre-New Year break — I remember watching it in my family’s Quezon City apartment, and yep, it is indeed Lost Girl’s gift to all fans. I mean, anything that starts with this face is a gift, right?

Wondering what could possibly generate this facial expression?
Wondering what could possibly generate this facial expression?
Hello there, Anna Silk. Carwashing. God, this show.
I don’t blame these people at all for sporting these facial expressions.
Dyson and Hale goofing off. Gives me feelings.
Lauren and Dyson trying to hide “Bo’s box” — i cannot even get over the innuendo of this. These two this ep = adorbs.
See previous ADORBS comment
WHOO TIME LOOP! I love that Tamsin’s first instinct is to kiss Bo since she’s “not going to remember this in two seconds” — way to keep your crush secret, Valkyrie. so, on a scale of one to Tamsin, just how smitten are you?
I have a bazillion NSFW screencaps of their kisses in this ep, and i had to settle for 2 because i didn’t want to bore you with my ~feelings
Vex in Bo’s clothing. Uh, yeah.
I confess: Lauren/Dyson/Vex/Liquor/Drunken surgery is my new OT5. Lauren should just get drunk in all of the episodes, seriously.
Ugh, hot Valkyrie in armor flashback. Hot damn, show.
Tamsin’s jacket, y’all. HNGGGG. Also: Tamsin always looks at Bo this way. Again, on a scale of one to Tamsin, how smitten are you?
Kenzi x Tamsin. This scene hurts my heart more than it should.

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