kyss mig (2011)

Liv Mjones and Ruth Vega Fernandez in Swedish film, Kyss Mig (2011)

Anybody remember how much I loved Imagine Me and You (2005)? So yes, Andrea sold this to me as “This Swedish movie “Kyss Mig” (Kiss Me, though I read somewhere that its English title is actually With Every Heartbeat) that’s essentially Imagine Me and You, but in Swedish and much more explicit (I was, perving aside, rather glad [LOL REALLY? GLAD?] this had more than one token love scene. Now that’s a lesbian movie, guys.)

Cut for spoilers, of course. Also, if you just want to skip to the ~nice parts — head on to Tumblr. You’re welcome.

So anyway — Mia (Ruth Vega Fernandez) comes home to attend her dad Lasse’s 60th birthday and meets Frida, daughter of Lasse’s wife-to-be Elisabeth. Mia arrives with her longtime boyfriend Tim, and announces that they’re getting married in a few months. Everybody’s happy.

Only, not really. Heh. Wait lang, guys.

So yeah, in an attempt to force them to know each other better, Lasse sends Mia to a trip in a faraway island with Elisabeth and Frida, which is where things get a little interesting, what with all that staring. On this note: Oh my GOD, I don’t think I can last that long with Liv Mjones staring at me like that. To wit:

Cue: The sound of my pants dropping, or whatever.

Hng where do I even begin with this girl, really. KATE, FOCUS.

Anyway, to recap: Mia’s getting married, and her father is marrying a woman who has a daughter who stares like THIS. Recipe for disaster, absolut.

So yes, in the woods that night, while watching lovely deer quietly, Mia finds herself beside Frida, who’s irresistible like fuck, and bam. (If it’s any consolation, Mia. I’d kiss her too.)

I love how deliciously Ruth Vega Fernandez portrayed the whole avoidance thing — she doesn’t understand why she kissed Frida in the first place, and says so herself when asked up front. (Why did you kiss me? -I don’t know.) I love how she’s so internally conflicted (And don’t even get me started with the whole, But I’m not like you, I love my boyfriend — thing. Really, now.)

So yes, things happen. There’s a storm, and they’re lying in two beds that are barely two feet apart. The tension was thick and delish, and though I knew what was going to happen, I still did that whole holding my breath thing until. Oh wow.

(Yep, oh wow. As in, Oh wow, how sad is this that I’m actually alone tonight. That sort of Oh wow.)

Things I love: Slow hands. Lighting cigs using the same flame; the way faces are lit from a small fire that low; tender face touching. Underwater kissing. Hand holding in the middle of a grassy field. CUDDLING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORM. (Teka lang naiiyak na ako. I have so many feelings LOL)

Ahem. so yeah, now that that’s out of the way. There’s this lovely bit where Elisabeth goes, “Jesus Christ, Frida. I told you to be nice to her, not to fall in love with her.” And Frida goes, “Well, I must have misunderstood then, because my plan all along was to fall in love with her.” Oh I love her mom. :)

And then there’s also this lovely interlude where all they do is be cute and sweet and unbearable together and then there are a lot of closeups of hands undoing buttons and disappearing under sheets, etc (I need a beer. I need my girlfriend.) and then Mia’s always, I want to go far away with you. And at some point, Frida’s like, We can’t always be like this, always locking ourselves up in a room far away. I want to be proud of you. And I’m like, *TEARS SO HARD I WANT TO HUG YOU 21-year-old SELF* haha. Obviously, bad movie to process alone, I wish I had Andrea around to bounce ideas off of/cuddle with while talking. (Sigh.)

But yeah, in the absence of that, we are here. You want to know the ending? There’s an empty airport (Oh my heart, my heart — airports and running.) and then there’s Barcelona. In all, the movie’s shot so beautifully: there’s a house by the sea, and biking (jusme puso ko — naubos na lahat ang kinks, guys) and lakes and at some point, I’m like, this is actually Naomily, only older (I’m sure I’ve read that somewhere before — hah) and Swedish.

So yeah — don’t walk, run. Great movie that I’ll probably watch over and over. =)