weekend warrior, pt. 2: basketball with the Mayumi Heat

So, this also happened this weekend: Game 2 of the Mayumi Heat on Sunday morning. (Recap of last month’s Game 1 here)

Before the shenanigans at Salcedo Park. L-R: Elvie, Ana, Jaycee, Doc Margie, Coach Jaymark, Almi, Kim, Kia, Me. Thanks love for taking this photo! =)

A handful of new faces in Sunday’s game — Elvie and Doc Margie are Jaycee’s contacts, and so is our newfound coach, former Batangas Blades player Jaymark, who taught us a few drills and played ball with us. Ana’s also in the lineup, and so is Kia — whom I haven’t seen in SEVEN YEARS. Seriously. We also managed to convince Andrea to play! She was a natural.

Warming up! Seryosohan na! Haha =)

The first half of the session was mostly a throwback to good ol’ high school basketball team training days — which felt half-nostalgic, half-torturous haha! I kind of missed doing “suicides” — but alas, the spirit was willing, but the body was weak. These lungs ain’t what they used to be hehe.

Best in Defense!
Waterbreak at the sidelines! L-R Kia, Doc, Coach, Me, Jaycee, Elvie, Almi, Kim, Ana
Game(over)faces! Haha why so serious, Mayumis?

In summary: Makalaglag-baga ang mga pangyayari, pero ang saya! =) Played full court with Kim and Coach completing the five on five. Scored a few points, which made me quite happy. =) Next time, I’ll be running with better stamina and hopefully shooting better layups haha. (Frustrating layup percentage, absolutely. Should improve on that one, especially on fastbreaks. /end note to self.)

Thanks Jaycee for taking care of the reservations for this one! See you next month team! 🙂

We’re still open for girls who want to play basketball with us! Our next game is on April 22, 8-10 a.m., 11/F Finman Bldg on Tordesillas. Find us on Twitter: @mayumiheat or like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mayumiheat

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