under the sun in pangasinan!

This year’s Maundy Thursday trip with Research Siblings and Friends took us all the way to… Bolinao, Pangasinan!

Started talking about this as early as January, and by February we’ve already made up our minds. Our final resort of choice: Puerto del Sol.

On Thursday, it took us seven hours to get to Bolinao from Quezon City. We left Quezon City around 4:30 a.m. [Aww Schatz unfortunately missed this trip because she was sick =( ] and arrived at the resort (after spending like, forever, in Camiling, Tarlac HAHA) and arrived at the resort at past 11, absolutely starving. Attention resort: Your restaurant needs an overhaul. It took forever to get a copy of the menu, and an additional forever to get the orders, and you kept giving us the wrong orders.The first three times. And afterwards, you forgot an additional order of ice cream. And you kept billing us wrongly. =(

Anyway. Now that we have that out of the way: THE VIEW WAS FANTASTIC. The water was warm, and was only up to our ankles for what seemed to be miles. The skies were effortlessly blue. Ah, the joys of living in a beautiful country. =)

I know you came here for pictures, but I’ll have to put them under a cut. In summary: WHAT A FANTASTIC RIDE, thanks absolutely to the wonderful company. Sun, sand, (creepy) stories heehee. Now that’s a road trip — Maundy Thursday Group-style.


The group around the lunch table. From lower left: Abi, Kim, Almi, Lawrence, Eliza, Jaykie, Ana, Mayi, Ice, Andrea, Me
Shore pictorial! Ilabas na sa kwadra ang Century Superbods, Gustavo! L-R Lawrence, Ice, Abi, Andrea, Me, Eliza, Jaykie, Ana, Mayi, Almi, Kim.
Isa pa, magsawa kayo!
Eeee favorite! L-R Ice, Ana, Abi, Eliza, Jaykie, Lawrence, island.
Me + Island. Thanks love for taking this shot!
I HAVE ARRIVED! Requisite photo of me looking ridiculous in the middle of this beautiful place.
Requisite couple shot! Thanks Jaykie and Eliza for taking this shot!
Whew. What. A. View. 🙂
BEST POOL PHOTO EVER. Art direction courtesy of (who else) Lawrence. Haha! The instructions were: “O, kunyari nag-uusap kayo!” PAK! Award. Pang-commercial o billboard o!
Golden hour camwhorage!
Whee! Ang saya-saya! Thanks Kim for this picture! 🙂
Eto pa o! FESTIVE!
Sunset jumpshot! L-R Lawrence, Abi, Ice, Jaykie, Eliza, Mayi, Almi, Andrea, Me. Thanks to Kim the jump shot master for taking this shot! One take only! =)
Requisite couple jump shot by the shore during golden hour! Thanks Kim for taking this! =)

Technical notes for this trip:

Expenses: P250/head entrance fee for daytrippers (OO! BAKIT BA, DAYTRIP ITO! Walang papalag!); P700 for the cottage.

Time of departure from Quezon City: 4:30 a.m. Total travel time, Manila-Bolinao: SEVEN HOURS. Arrival at resort: 11-ish. On the way home: Left resort before 6, arrived in Manila past midnight, after getting lost (for a LONG SCARY WHILE) in Camiling, Tarlac. TROLOLOL. We’ll be waiting for the epic horror masterpiece this inspired, Eliza. Haha! 🙂

Nb: Here’s Andrea’s account of the trip on her LJ

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  1. O bago mag-expect ang lahat: haunted house story ang istorya ko ha, so mangyayari siya…sa loob ng bahay. MALAMANG. Pero Camiling na Camiling ang atmosphere te! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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