lost girl catch-up: 2.19 (plus 2.17 and 2.18 briefly)

Skipping 2.17 and 2.18 for being marginally disinteresting, though 2.17 does involve a significant focus on Hale and Hale/Kenzi, which I truly enjoyed. Also, 2.17 features Nadia being all sneaky and stuff, browsing into Bo’s equipment stash and everything.

Bo: You find anything good?
Nadia: You’ve got quite the weapons collection
Bo: Well, everyone’s got their hobbies
Nadia: As if you weren’t intimidating enough already.

Then she apologizes and tells Bo she “just wants to check out the competition,” and I think Bo really believed herself when she said she wasn’t competition and that Nadia had “nothing to worry about.”

The curious bit of it at the end is when Nadia asks Bo, “You won’t tell Lauren?” and Bo tries her best normal girl response: “Well, it’s not like I’ve never peeked inside someone’s medical cabinet.” But then there’s a look of distrust on her face as Nadia walks away. Which I completely understand, as someone who saw Nadia cut herself (and taste that blood, JFC) in that terrifying minute or so at the end of this episode. The woozy camera work was brilliant, and Nadia’s mix of delirious and confused: Utterly delicious.

Anyway, I won’t even say much about 2.18, apart from mentioning that it’s that wedding ep, and we get to see Bo in a white dress, but Ryan’s there, so therefore this episode is annoying. Let’s forget it happened, shall we. (Except for that part where Bo’s fitting a white dress, all confused from a Fae attack, and she keeps on hitting on one of the assistants. Haha! Hilarious. Subliminal lesbianism FTW.)

ANYWAY – What I really wanted to talk about was 2.19.

(More spoilers under cut)

2.19 Truth and Consequences

The Ash wants to kill The Glaive (what is it with these people and their honorary “The”) and taps Bo to do it. We are nearing the Epic Battle that this season ender is promising, so things are heating up with this Garuda business, and, as they all like to warn, “harsh decisions will be made.” And perhaps this is the first of many.

Meanwhile, back at Lauren’s pad, where she has adorably relocated her laboratory, she is testing and retesting solutions to Nadia’s “sickness”. I don’t understand half of her dialogue here, but I am strangely turned on by all the geek talk. Also: Lauren speaking into a recorder while looking into a microscope. GAH I LOVE ET.

So Nadia walks in and complains about her black heads FEVER. Lauren says something like, It could be a residual effect for being on life support for five years and it is so believable. And sexy. Talk to me medical, doc. (Oh man, now I know why I’m obsessed with this show: It’s Buffy AND Grey’s Anatomy combined. With Lesbians! And superpowers!)

I can stare at Lauren looking into microscopes ALL DAY

Anyway – Nadia apologizes for snapping at her dutiful girlfriend, who obviously has done nothing but test and retest solutions for her still unknown illness. This monologue: I’m so amazed at how you stuck by me all that time. I don’t know if I could have done it. Five years without holding someone close. That loving caress. You’re amazing. — GUILT TRIP 2012! And oh, Zoie’s precious kicked-in-the-chest face at the end of that chaste kiss – GOLD.

Later she’ll test a solution that shouldn’t work on “human hemoglobin” as it was formulated to combat a Fae virus, but LO AND BEHOLD it works on Nadia’s blood. DUNDUNDUN.

After that incident at the end of 2.17, you’d think Lauren would throw away all their knives – I know I would have – but then here we see Nadia with a knife again. It looks like she’s slicing melons. (Pay attention to this storytelling device because it’s fucking brilliant.)

Anyway, Lauren says she might have found a cure and starts explaining to Nadia, who then refuses treatment with a bit of violence. She says, “No more needles,” and swats Lauren’s arm away, smashing the vial containing the cure against the wall. Yep, she is apparently that strong. At this point, I have come to terms with the fact that Nadia’s secretly evil.

I don’t have to wait for too long before I confirm this: Later on, as Lauren takes a shower (I hate showers and Lost Girl; people always get attacked in showers) and in a total Psycho moment, NADIA FUCKING PARTS THE SHOWER CURTAIN AND PROCEEDS TO ATTACK LAUREN WITH A KNIFE. JESUS CHRIST. Thank fuck Lauren’s knowledgeable in krav maga basic self defense, in that she parries the knife by blocking Nadia’s knife-wielding hand by the wrist. Lauren begs for her life, shivering in the shower, as Nadia retreats, dazed and confused.

That’s right, girlfriend: Your girlfriend is acting weird right now. Go call Bo.

Here. Have a screencap of Lauren (and Lauren's guns asddsfhfas) in the shower for comfort.

Only Bo is a bit tied up at the Glaive’s, and Nadia beats her back to their house, where she finds Kenzi – and promptly attacks her.

When Bo gets back, she finds smashed picture frames on the floor, and Kenzi walks in and informs Bo that Nadia was there looking for Bo, all Linda Blair and tossing things around, like Kenzi. Sweet.

Meanwhile, Lauren’s leaving another message in Bo’s answering machine when Nadia comes in, and she doesn’t remember where she’s been. Vaguely she remembers attacking Lauren in the shower, and listening to her talk like this, it’s like there are TWO PEOPLE talking through one person at the same time and IT IS AWESOME (and relevant, later on).

And then, for some reason, Nadia, who’s half-deranged, still manages to wheedle Lauren into TELLING HER EVERYTHING. Which is obviously a bad move right now, considering that NADIA IS EVIL.

Anyway, Nadia starts talking like, “I want to know more about The Ash and his Compound” and I’m like, SRSLY?? And just like that, Bo arrives at the scene again, kicking the door down and storming in with questions about Nadia’s visit to their house earlier and her attack on Kenzi.

At this point, Nadia fails at pretending not to remember, and actually turns to Lauren and hurls her against the wall. REALLY NOW. So Bo does the legit thing by pulling out a knife (YES A KNIFE) and pointing it at Nadia’s throat.

Expectedly, Lauren pleads with Bo to put the knife down, explaining that Nadia is “sick” – yes, even after getting attacked in the shower, and after getting hurled to the wall, Lauren’s still holding on to the possibility that Nadia can be cured of the evil that’s getting to her.

Put the knife down, Bo.

Bo puts her knife down. Of course, Nadia attacks her at her very first vulnerable moment – that is, right when Bo turns to Lauren and looks at her. Then she goes to Lauren and seizes her by the throat. At which point, Lauren begs: “It’s me. Fight it, fight it.”

There is a struggle – it becomes clear to me that Nadia is not evil, but something inside her definitely is. Bo figures it out soon enough: The Garuda’s inside of her. And Jesus Christ, does that color EVERYTHING HERE – her prowling into Bo’s “medicine cabinet,” her insistence to talk about the Ash, the attack in the shower. Everything.

Nadia doubles over in pain – the thing inside of her is EXCRUCIATING, to the point that she actually suggests to Lauren this drastic measure: Kill her. Like, now.

Bo’s looking at this all that while, by the way. It’s like being a third wheel to a supernatural breakup of sorts. I can’t begin to imagine how that must feel.

When Lauren refuses to kill her, Nadia turns to Bo and begs: Please. Do it. Bo looks at Lauren, Nadia’s nearly on the floor writhing, and Lauren says, tearfully: Do it. THIS IS THE MOST SURREAL THING I’VE EVER WATCHED SO FAR. Bo refuses to, of course, until the Garuda overpowers Nadia, and as she/they lunge to attack Lauren again, Bo pulls Nadia’s body back by her shoulder, turns her around and sticks a knife into her gut.

Shocker 2012.

Very much like how Buffy did this to Faith, by the way. And right about the same area. I don’t know if this is how you really do it, or if the writers are deliberately referencing Buffy ALL THE TIME. (If I may suggest a fight scene with handcuffs next season, I will be very happy to see that again. Thanks.)

So. Nadia dies by Bo’s knife, and she fucking thanks Bo for it. Meanwhile, Lauren blames herself for the entire thing and begs Nadia to stay with her. Seeing Lauren cry here: Absolutely painful. No words.

Just like that, the battle’s drawn first blood. While I may have been disappointed that Nadia is NOT the Big Bad, well I guess we’ll just have to go with how the writers do this, i.e. Their way.

Wreck of the day.

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