lost girl catch-up: 2.20 [spoilers]

We’re heading into war and things are going by pretty fast — a couple of shocking deaths in this ep, if you worry about plot, but mostly my concern:

This is Lauren, immediately after Nadia.

(Cut for spoilers, obviously)

The first time Lauren sees Bo after Nadia, it’s in her house, where it all went down, earlier. Bo walks in (“The door’s open. I thought–“), knife in hand, and is startled when Lauren comes out, newly bathed in a robe. She obviously hasn’t been sleeping, and she obviously also wants to be alone.

Lauren tells Bo she should leave. Lauren says she wants to help by ~being a doctor.

I just want to get back to work and be useful.

Bo thinks it’s “too soon.” Lauren snaps at her through her sleepless haze, saying, Now’s not the time for a vacation.

True to form. War first. Grief second. Noted Doc.

Anyway, later — it feels like Lauren’s transitioned from tired to jumpy and on edge. She shows up at Bo’s, all ~prettied up (Pagod man ako, maganda naman. WISDOM.) and asks Bo for “something to drink.”

Bo looks at her, lingers. (Sword in hand, btw — ready girl is ready) Tells her she has something. (significant pause) Under her bed. I’ve decided to read that as Bo being confused and honest (in that she does keep her drinks under the bed. Who doesn’t, right.)

"Honestly, you're the strongest person I've ever met."

Anyway. Lots of quiet moments involving Bo and Lauren just looking at each other. Zoie Palmer KILLED THIS okay? Oh her face.

Meanwhile, this moment is curiously intermixed with shots of Dyson and chiara getting it on. Which actually reminds me of that season 7 buffy ep where everybody has sex before the end of the world? Remember that time? The lesbians get it on, but Spike and Buffy just cuddle? Do I remember correctly?)


ZOIE PALMER. I love your face.

So. Lauren starts drinking, and drinking very dorkily at that (her shaky, “I needed this” is ♥) and I love this awkward thing.

Lauren: Did you know that I went home and I did my hair, before coming here?
Bo: Well, it looks great.
L: No, I didn’t mean — thank you. It just the doctor part of me never shuts off and I know that I’m merely acting out of a transference of grief onto you. Wanting to have sex is a very common response to grief.

L: Biologically speaking, the transference often helps move the pain. Sort of use it as something else. Turn it into something different. Something better.
B: Yeah. I can see how intimacy would do that.

L: It’s in much the same way that a person having a heart attack often feels a sharp pain in their left arm? It’s the brain’s way of redistributing the pain. So it’s not all concentrated in one area.
B: I love it when you totally geek out.

L: Can I sleep with you?
B: Yes.
L: Just mean sleep. In your arms?
B: Yeah, exactly.
L: Ever since I found out that the Garuda was seeing through Nadia’s eyes–ever since I had to watch her die, I haven’t really been able to get–
B: Lauren. You are always welcome here.

I love how Bo pauses before replying to Lauren’s first “Can I sleep with you?” then her face falls just this bit after the clarification, “Just sleep.”


Also: For the moment I am confused re: how juxtaposing this painful tender thing between Lauren and Bo with knifeplay between Chiara and Dyson kind of works as a metaphor, (apart from the obvious intent to highlight the ~contrast, or whatever) but I’m willing to wait until it makes more sense in the next season.

Meantime — Lauren picks the right spot to sleep on re: Bo’s body. Yep that looks mighty comfortable/comforting. I approve.

Bo as Big Spoon. I CAN'T. <3

Anyway — there’s a major battle, but I don’t really feel it’s that major? I keep expecting something like Buffy’s (man, their finales always feel epic. ALSO: The season 7 final battle — take notes, Lost Girl) I must confess I am underwhelmed, but it doesn’t mean I love it less.

We're in this together.

Plot Notes — Body count after this ep: 2. Lachlan x. Chiara x.

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