lost girl catch-up: 2.21 [spoilers]

I prefer to look at the last two eps for this season as a two-part finale. Here we go with part 1.

(Spoilers under cut)

Too many funerals in 2.21, what with Chiara and Lachlan both dying in the previous ep, but this ep is a total gem and I have two words for you: The Morrigan.

Before I get too excited–

7 Moments I loved here:

"I'll sleep when I am done." True to form, doc.

7. When was the last time you saw your bed?
–Bo talking to Lauren about ~beds is strangely sweet. I love seeing Lauren so disheveled. It’s hot.

"You're buying me a drink? It really is the end of the world." Dyson and Lauren being lesbros. Kind of my thing. Yep.

6. Dyson and Lauren being bros.

–Totally underrated dynamic. Dyson’s actually bearable if he’s actually not hung up on Bo. And actually mentioning Nadia — plus points dude. Hmm. Therefore: Totally slept with same girl. So what? (Cough.)

I now actually have this entire album where all Bo does is stare at people's cleavages not discreetly? SORRY.

5. Bo and The Morrigan.
–Oh man. From day 1 I’ve been on this ship, actually. Seriously. A bit on the BDSM side, but hey. Also: Shipping this is like shipping that Emma Swann with the Mayor on Once Upon a Time. Which I do. TRUE STORY.

Just when I thought I couldn't love Kenzi any harder, she shows up with ~power tools.

4. Kenzi going to the Norn with a mechanical saw.

Too awesome beyond words. Bless you, Lost Girl. REALLY.

3. The Morrigan’s dance number to “Can’t Touch This.”

Doc's urgent face is URGENT. Man, where's the fire? (IN MY HEART, BABY!)

2. Bo going to Lauren for ~aspirin
–LOL at Lauren being ~all ready and, “Of course — you need to heal.” I love this about succubi, ok? I love Lauren’s concerned face (Have you seen it? It’s filed under, I swear to God I am not losing another girlfriend before this season ends, motherfuckers.) And Bo gently saying, “No.” Thing I also love: Bo being considerate about ~healing with Lauren. Because she’s human, and Bo’s afraid of hurting her, yada-yada. I’m half-drunk with Tanduay Ice to actually make sense of this metaphor, but SOON OKAY.

Cheesy moment is cheesy but OMYGOD I STILL FELL FOR IT. Don't judge me.

(And then there’s this absolutely cheesy moment where Bo tells Lauren she takes her breath away? And I KNOW it’s cheesy but I still get butterflies like FUCKING WHOA? And I get giddy and goosebumpy at this almost kiss, and Lauren’s whispering, Breathless and Bo answers with something like, Absolutely, and Lauren — LAUREN FINALLY HAS THE ANSWER ABOUT LACHLAN’S VENOM. Don’t you just love this doctor? I DO I DO I AM HEAD OVER HEELS.)

–And by this I mean — not just snark, but FINALLY. Bo AND the Morrigan. Uh-huh. And handcuffs. Oh Lord. This is all sorts of wrong, but also all sorts of hot. Love how the Morrigan barely resists — of course, she’s always wanted ~some of that.


Up next: The finale. (And what is even more terrifying — The Hiatus! (gasp)

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