About a girl

Kate. 29/F/Makati. (Is this still how people introduce themselves on the Internet? I guess not. Man, that felt old.)

ANYWAY. Welcome to the Last Girl! When I first made this site I had no idea what would go in it, which explains that crappy old note. I used to blog here and here. Some older entries are indexed here.

I like talking about television, movies, lesbians, newspapers and journalism, productivity and life hacking, and discovering new music. Sometimes I plan beach getaways then write about the breakdown of everything. Sometimes I also take photos of places. Sometimes I go to concerts and write about them as well.

But mostly, I watch TV and write about it a lot. (Though sometimes my obsession paralyzes me. See also: Orphan Black.) I like cats and pandas and long breakfasts. They are very nice. So is my girlfriend, who makes crafts and a magazine called Katha. She blogs here.

I try to be on here at least once a day, but I’m also on my Twitter a lot.

For work, let’s just say I’m the girl who asks “How much higher?” when somebody orders “Jump!” Oh, and we run this reading program for kids called the Inquirer Read-Along.

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