after the wreckage

A bit of downtime after all the Christmas parties this week — Saturday night and I’m at home, drinking leftover Tanduay Ice and listening to Up Dharma Down while laughing at photos that are now slowly (and surely) emerging on Facebook.

This season: Riot as always.

Monday: Zumba Christmas Party — because we just wanna have fun… after doing our lunges. (Photos courtesy of Mau Brizuela on Facebook, thank you!)

Bunch of lunches after a bunch of lunges! =)
We came as Santa & Gifts. Seriously.
Jump shot sa pantry. True story.

Tuesday: Research parties

Part 1: Research Christmas Lunch (Theme: White) feat. A raffle wherein (almost) everyone won, and the one that took home the Grand Prize was someone NOT from Research. Hahahah. (Photo courtesy of Almi, thank you!)

Ambabait nating tingnan in white. Hehe. Research + Read-Along family 🙂 Pasko nga 🙂

Part 2: Research sibs night-out at Tides feat. Hurricane, Tsunami, Surfer Boy and the Nachos that took forever (Subtitle kung movie: “Basag”) — Photos courtesy of Almi, thank you!


Wednesday: Libre videoke party x Ritche’s birthday salubong (Photo courtesy of Almi, thank you!)

Videoke na! Ilabas ang Michael Learns to Rock!
Videoke na! Ilabas ang Michael Learns to Rock!

Thursday: Editorial Party (a.k.a. Party till the end of the world) — As usual, di ako nanalo sa raffle. Haysussss. (Photos courtesy of Almi and Ana, thank you!)

Research sibs waiting for raffle + Kim 🙂
Photo booth with balloons!
Parang nagsipagwagi ng raffle lang. With Ate Abi’s gifts! =)

Friday: Block (intimate) Videoke @ CenterStage Jupiter. Thanks Julie for the photo!

Bloc party -- Jaycee, Cy, Stephen, Ice, Moi. Thanks ate Julie for taking this photo =)
Bloc party — Jaycee, Cy, Stephen, Ice, Moi. Thanks ate Julie for taking this photo =)

This year’s series of celebrations was… a bit muted than the years before. (Case in point: I wasn’t as shattered when I went home from any of the parties — Good Job Grown-Up!) Nevertheless, it was special in its own way. I was reviewing past tweets, and this particular message from The Universe at the beginning of this year struck me: There are no coincidences, no accidents, no strangers. And true enough, looking back at this week’s celebrations and the smiles on all these pictures, I have to say — 2012 was a year for making new friendships and constantly renewing old ties. 🙂

So if you see your face in any of the photos above — thanks for being here this year. It has been a truly splendid ride. =)


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