and they lived happily ever–


So. After finishing my readings and report preps for Fin Acc and Info Man this week, I promptly rewarded myself with:


This about summarizes what I love most about Once Upon A Time, ABC’s fairy tale redefining series — why, it’s Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, pruning branches with a chainsaw in that white sleeveless tanktop, those skinny jeans and those LOVELY BOOTS.



Mind your manners, lady, take your shoes off my– Or whatever, she can lie on my bed wearing that tanktop whilst reading illegally procured documents with her boots on ALL DAY EVERY DAY. YEP.

Confession time!: I ship this horrible tension. Okay, so maybe that’s another thing about Once Upon A Time that I like: It has TOO MANY MOMS.  (JFC Kate, your issues are showing.) Also: The Mayor/Evil Queen likes looking at things. (You know I’m in for the long haul when I start looking at Tumblr.)

Also: Emma Swan has the MOST BADASS COLLECTION OF JACKETS OMG. Somebody should start screencapping those jackets and putting them all together nicely in a single Tumblr. Your signal guys — TAKE ME TO THE RIOT INTERNETS! Thank you.

ANYWAY — Apart from my feelings about Jennifer Morrison’s outfits, I am also quite obsessed with Ginnifer Goodwin’s HAIR OMG. Also, also — YES I know they’re technically related, and it IS technically INCEST, but whatever guys. Just. WHATEVER — Emma x Snow is tripping all my wires OKAY.

Oh man. One of these days I will come across that episode that will tell me IN CLEAR AND NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that yep, these two = Motherly Bond. Get off the ship, okay?

Okay. But until then–heh.

Now excuse me — my episodes just got loaded. WHAT IS NO SLEEP TONIGHT.

(Disclaimer: None of those images are mine. I took them off Tumblr. Thank you Tumblr!)

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