Boracay for one

CATICLAN AIRPORT – Too early for my 10am flight but all too relieved to be here on time and without hitches.
Pat and Dan’s wedding at Seawind Resort last night was beautiful and straight-to-the-point (which is exactly how I remember the bride circa UP days haha) and definitely among the memorable things about this year. The weather was perfect — and to think it came right after a storm — and the sunset was fantastic.

Also: First time to come to Boracay via Kalibo on a weekend tryst–and alone, at that.

Boracay. You beautiful thing.

Arrived in Kalibo on a Zestair plane at 9 on Saturday morning. Rode a van for roughly 2hrs (PHP250 with boat) and arrived at Caticlan port around 11. Paid for terminal fee (Php100) and environmental fee (Php75) before getting on this huge Oyster ferry. Arrived at the jetty port some 15 minutes later. Looked for a trike, tried to queue. It was a multi-racial warzone. Thankfully I managed to wing it with another solo traveler — it was hard trying to get a trike when there are families of 8 ahead of you. Anyway, when we got one, I got off at d’mall (Php20) and met Kirk and his girlfriend Mia there for lunch. Ngl I was worried about being this giant Third Wheel, but these guys were so awesome there was none of that AT ALL. thanks guys! Here be new beach buddies! :))

Anyway: The weather was perfect. It made me want to cry.

Kirk x Mia x sarong x beach x sun

We shared a room at Boracay Breeze — not on the shore, but very near Station 1. (P1,800/night for 2pax, P500/night for extra pax. Rates with breakfast.)

That afternoon we attended a “chillout party” with the bride and groom and their families at White House.

Dan x Pat, Kirk x Mia, Me x This yellow jersey forever.

It ended around dinner. We slept for a bit before venturing out again for drinks around 11pm. Because we totally had to get plastered like that. Kidding mostly. We had a few beers and some seaside hotdogs. Ang sarap ng beer nila dito okay. Totally blown away.

Woke the following morning to an empty bed lol. Apparently I overslept. It was 8am and around this time Mia and Kirk were already at sea. Haha early birds win! 🙂

Joined them when they went out to sea a second time. I swam for a bit but very briefly. Things I prefer doing in Boracay over swimming: People-watching and drinking.

Which was what we did for lunch. MOST AMAZINGEST THING EVER.

miguel x beach. i could do this for the rest of my life.
awesome threesome. thanks guys for taking me in! 🙂

Anyway, we did realize we had to get ready for the wedding so we returned to our room and fixed ourselves up. And because I am fab like that, I wore a dress. Yes, THAT dress again. Walang basagan ng trip haha.

In its nth wedding appearance. sulit haha.

The wedding was short and perfect. Dear Universe, This is what I want. Ok? Thanks!

One day.

In true Filipino fashion, we were the first guys at the photo booth. Haha.

Photo booth for 3

They waited for sunset and took the couple’s photos by the shore. It was perfect.

Happily ever after.

At the reception, Pat and Dan sang for us!

Pat x Dan - When you say nothing at all (cover). haha!

Also in this reception: Fire dancers dancing to Gangnam Style, and other wild dancing.

this shot/drunk is too drunk/shot haha

Then there was an afterparty that involved people getting in the water in dress pants and shoes. Haha. (Not me. Yep.)

I am actually surprised that I managed to wake ahead of my alarm despite last night’s amount of alcohol.

So yeah, this morning: Took a trike from Station 1 to jetty port (P25), bought boat ticket (P25) and paid terminal fee (P100). Reached Caticlan port after 15mins, then rode trike to Caticlan airport (P50). Caticlan airport terminal fee is P200.

I’m writing while waiting for boarding. Looks like my flight is delayed. Oh well. There goes Zumba for today. Haha.

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