Boracay for two

Boracay and I have been rather close this year — spent Mothers’ Day there with the family last May and attended a wedding there in October. On both trips, I took Zafon’s “Shadow of the Wind” with me, hoping I’d finish it. Both times, I failed.

Andrea and I were cleaning tables at home when I commented that I’d been taking forever with Zafon, and that it had been to Boracay twice and was still unfinished. She kidded, “Buti pa yang librong yan.” This year, we’d planned to go with my high school barkada to Boracay in September, but because of my Denmark trip, that plan was scrapped.

It was a Wednesday morning. By that afternoon, we already had tickets. Who says we can’t go to Boracay as a couple this year? =)

We took the first Zestair flight out of Manila bound for Kalibo and arrived at the Kalibo International Airport without a hitch, catching the sunrise on the plane. When we arrived in Kalibo, it was still a bit dark. Van ride to Caticlan took 2 hours (P250/head, with fast craft), though the wait for the fast craft took a bit longer than was comfortable. No matter. It was early and we had all the time in the world. Sunny skies like April. We felt so loved.

Upon arrival at Caticlan port, we paid the terminal fee and environmental fee (P175/head), then rode a fast craft for 15 minutes. Talk about fast. At Cagban, the trikes were charging P100/trip, so we decided to band with another pair and this guy. Voila, P20/head. Haha.

We were billeted at One Azul Boracay at Station 1 (P4k/night, twin sharing) — it doesn’t face the beach, but it is ON White Beach — it’s right behind Kasbah and beside Discovery Shores. It’s actually pretty quaint — we appreciated that the rooms were clean and actually well-decorated, and we thought the liquid soap and shampoo were rather practical. Station 1 is far from everything (a.k.a D’Mall) but we enjoyed the quiet and the clear shores. (Lakas maka-honeymoon ng peg.)

Gastronomic delights: Shibaya Boracay (LOL this photo), which serves fantastic okonomiyaki. (Thanks also to the super friendly owner who gave us a free shot of sake! =)), OJ’s Roast and Bake Grill (thanks also for the free yema sample! NOM!) and BonAppetea(hanggang dito milktea pa rin haha). Also: Seaside hotdogs and isaw. SOLB.

Feature activities: Standup paddle boarding (which was a literal pain in the ass for an utterly balance-less person like me — OMG the photos), shooting star hunting while huddled by the shore (BEST), listening to bands for free, watching epic firedancers dancing to KALAYO MUSIC (OMGG), trekking to Diniwid (I did not even know this existed).

ANYWAY. HERE BE PHOTOS. That I’ve already posted on Instagram, but. WHATEVER.

(PS. Here be Andrea’s LJ post on this trip.)

(PPS. I finished Zafon while on this trip. SUCCESSSSSSSSS.)

Chelsea at OJ’s.
Good morning, Boracay!
Our kapitbahay’s rainbow-colored sarong. Love it!
Day 1 sunset. Golden.
Free sake at Shibaya whooo
Very Murakami lang ang aura.
Breakfast! Day 2.
Hi miss. ♥
Day 2 sunset. We’ll see you again, soon.


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