feelings 2013: lost girl 3×04 & 3×05

Lauren and Bo in 3x04
Lauren and Bo in 3×04

I’ve been skipping Lost Girl due to school work, so last night I tried doing 3×04 and 3×05 back-to-back.

Now I have feelings.

(Spoilers and feelings under cut, some screencaps  probably a bit nsfw, sorry. Or not really, I’m not sorry at all.)

First off: Can’t say I’ve been disappointed with the way Lost Girl has been beginning its episodes. To wit:

Steamy artsy sex scene intro is steamy and sexy. Hrrr. That lighting.
Steamy artsy sex scene intro is steamy and sexy. Hrrr. That lighting. Also: This goes on for, like, a FULL MINUTE. Skins and red sheets. Perfect.

I’m just saying — girls, if you insist on opening all your episodes this way, I’ll NEVER get anything done. SERIOUSLY. Let me illustrate further:

The look on their faces. Epic.
The look on their faces. Epic.

I’m loving how the writers are going, Oh, they’re together now! Like, officially. Of course, they’ll be doing this ALL THE TIME. And yes! I approve of this logic! You guys: My favorite show has an awesome strong girl lead who has an awesome smart girlfriend. And it’s practically the central relationship in the story. I can’t even.

Ok. Now that that’s out of the way.

I confess: This whole bliss thing is making me anxious. In case you just tuned in: Bo is a succubus and she needs sex to feed/heal/nurture herself, etc — and since Lauren is human, Bo can’t feed on her feed on her because it will kill Lauren. (Also, LOL stop rolling your eyes. I can’t even with this metaphor, BUT it’s really making me anxious.)

So naturally, great sex notwithstanding, Bo’s unnaturally hungry and weak. And of all people, Dyson, of course, can notice. (Remember this guy? Got his love back but it got nowhere to go? Yeah.)

Don’t get me wrong — I like Dyson. I mean, he’s THAT OTHER GUY, but so far he’s been cool and pretty non-douchebaggy about it. So yeah. Dyson’s in my Nice column.

And then Bo gets tangled in a case where she gets half-run over by a car. She tries to heal with Lauren briefly, but it doesn’t do much good. She ends up bleeding internally.

Here’s where Dyson steps in, and to confess, when Bo had to feed on him to heal her horrible internal bleeding — yes, I winced a little, but I thought it was pretty justified.

Ugh, Bo’s face when faced with her  options. It was either an ambulance or  Dyson, so really, what choice? So Dyson tells her, NO FEELINGS, and Bo’s like, UGH I WANT TO BE MONOGAMOUS. (Insert heartbreak here)

Also: How heartbreaking is it to have a doctor girlfriend who can’t heal you? Ugh pieces of my heart all over the floor, I can’t.

So after everything, Bo comes home and tells Lauren, I have to tell you something. Which is never a good intro for anything eh? And my god, Zoie Palmer’s face. I love it so hard.

"You're a succubus, Bo. And we both try to pretend that it wouldn't be an issue -- but it is."
“You’re a succubus, Bo. And we both try to pretend that it wouldn’t be an issue — but it is.”

I realize that all along Lauren’s been giving Bo some medical shots to curb her hunger and now, these shots aren’t doing it for Bo anymore. And so we come to the inevitable: Bo has to start feeding. And Lauren must let her.

Under one condition: No Dyson.

If I were in Lauren’s severely emotionally charged state, it would also be the first thing out of my mouth, but I just. I don’t know. Dyson’s both the safest and most dangerous option, it seems, and oh my God, I just don’t know how the writers managed to write us into this dilemma. Delicious.

Anyway. 3×05 starts with the most non-drama, obviously non-overthought thing: Lauren and Bo go to the Dal and look for someone Bo can feed on — together. I mean, looking together.

Holy lord, Zoie Palmer. Just. Everything about this picture.
Holy lord, Zoie Palmer. Just. Everything about this picture.

I love how they look at everyone and then decide on a hot blonde girl, turning their heads like a couple of teenage boys. THIS SHOW YOU GUYS.

On a more serious note: As expected, Lauren tries to be outwardly level-headed, but then she also can’t help but vent her frustration at the fact that she is a doctor and she can’t do anything. So Bo goes home with the girl, and Lauren, being a dutiful girlfriend, remains downstairs and tinkers with a new formula.

It is problematic, of course — I can only guess at how messy this could be when Lauren reaches the proverbial bottom of her seemingly infinite dam of patience. (And, being a person who is naturally drawn to dysfunctional fictional characters, I can’t wait to see how it all falls apart in the end.)

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