Marked 57 months with Andrea on Friday, and it was a pretty jampacked weekend.

Friday: Met up with the Angels (plus Jeng!) for our monthly meet-up at Conti’s. It was supposedly a dress fitting at Rosa Clara, but unfortunately, the consultant wasn’t around to accommodate our group. SADFACE (FORREALZ!). I was kind of looking forward to trying dresses on seeing Andrea in a wedding dress. (HAH!) I am secretly still wedding-fevered. ONE DAY, LOVE! Only about halfway there (if we’re to make it like these guys — tying the knot this November after 11 years of togetherness! I LOVE LOVE.)

All the Angels around the table — with Jeng and Drea here! Dress fitting attempt aborted, but what the hell, WE WILL EAT. Hehehe.

Also on Friday: Met up with Rhea, who’s about to embark on a very exciting adventure herself — we’ll see you when you get back! Also bumped into Liana (also an adventure in the horizon, hmm? :))

(Under cut: Bowling, Krav Maga, all the other photos)

YOU GUYS, it’s no secret — Rhea is definitely one of the coolest persons I know. Good luck on your new adventure!
Of all people to run into in Makati at this hour! Missy, it’s way past your bedtime! HAHA.

Saturday: Had a somewhat good bowling game with Team MassKara. YOU WAIT FOR US NEXT YEAR GUYS WE WILL BE AMAZING.

Last Saturday’s game against the league’s best, Team Penafrancia! Well-deserved top spot haha we’re totally rooting for you! Inspiring. =)

Andrea went to Fete dela Musique, which I skipped. She also attended a pottery workshop (insert Unchained Melody here. Also: Remember this video?) Clearly, she wins at life on Saturdays.

Sunday: Monthsary Super-Date — Lunch at Chef d’Angelo, then Krav Maga Safety Workshop (Defense against Assaults in Public Transit), then dinner at La Creperie at Eastwood before our first bowling date. ♥

Oo, kami na ang magjowang gustong nagsasakitan to celebrate our monthsary HAHA — my wrist hurts like hell (no puns no puns) from all that Krav Maga practice / all that time I had to pretend I was a knife-wielding thief that Andrea had to subdue.

With Sir Dindo after the workshop. Mag-train na raw kasi, puro lang kami workshop haha. =)

Dindo de Jesus, country director of the International Krav Maga Federation in the Philippines, led the four-hour workshop held at the LTO Main Office on East Ave. in Quezon City, which featured actual demos on a PARTAS BUS I KID YOU NOT. It was pretty neat.

Situations discussed during the workshop involved:

1) A person who pushes up uncomfortably against you from behind — either to pick your pocket or to basically just harass you (unarmed)

2) A knife-wielding person who attacks from behind

3) A gun-wielding person who attacks a busload of passengers in a hold-up situation

Pretty nerve-wracking stuff; de Jesus was careful to note that the Krav Maga techniques were to be used ONLY IF YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO FIGHT (e.g. If you’re a law enforcer — frankly, as a civilian, if attacked with someone with a gun, I’d just hand my wallet over) but everyone as in EVERYONE had a chance to disarm one of the IKMF guys who roleplayed as bad guys whose script included actually boarding the bus and announcing an actual hold-up, complete with a toy gun and YELLING. It was a pretty tense thing, especially with all that shouting, but I’m thankful to have experienced it. (When it was my turn, I accidentally hit the IKMF guy in the face, it was embarrassing.)

ANYWAY — next time you meet Drea and me, you’d probably have a Krav Maga demo. I hope by then my wrist is better.

To stay in the loop re: their various workshops all over the metro — from what we’ve heard, there’s an all-girl seminar in the works, and we’re totally in that when it comes around — you may get in touch with IKMF via Facebook on (, Twitter (@ikmfphilippines) or through (0917) 8942728. Superb team over here, thanks for having us!


At the Eastwood lanes. Andun na rin lang kami sa Quezon City, ubusin na lahat ng pwedeng gawin.

BOWLING! LOL it was a horrible game, and I hope it was by no means an indication of my game this coming Saturday. Also: Andrea can make her ball spin! How on EARTH.

LOL sana hindi ito signos ng laro ko sa Sabado. HAVE FAITH GUYS.

Here’s to nearly five years of going on all sorts of adventures together. I love you, love! 🙂

PS. Andrea’s post re: this weekend on her LiveJournal here.

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  1. Hi Kate and Andrea,

    Thanks for sharing the seminar and your insight, actual experience and training you guys had.

    I’ll link this up in our fan page and at my wall.

    Thanks again and there will be an all women seminar very soon, keep in touch.

    Stay sharp and be safe. When in doubt Krav Maga their ASSes

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