lip service catch-up: 2.02 to 2.04 [spoilers]


It’s been weeks since I watched 2.02 and I still can’t bring myself to talk about it.

(And, as I’ve repeatedly said–spoilers under cut)

Not that I’m attached to Cat’s character — if anything, she’s my least favorite, and it’s not just because she’s cheating on Sam with Frankie, but I think that’s about 90 percent of it. She’s a complex character, that’s a given: She’s someone confronted with a decision to move forward with something new or regress and figure out a way of making something old work an nth time. That said, I’m not even clearly with Team Sam or Team Frankie anymore; I just wished she ~chose instead of eating the proverbial cake and then having it too, etc.

And now, she’s dead. What is it with these British shows and killing their characters off anyway?! [1] To recap, she’d just come from an illicit mid-day birthday romp with Frankie, and was a bit distracted after their friend Tess walked in on them mid-kiss. Frankie had just texted Cat that she’d sorted Tess out and that she won’t say anything, when Cat gets hit by a speeding car because SHE’S TEXTING WHILE CROSSING THE STREET. So mundane, yet so devastating. The driver wasn’t even drunk.

Anyway, at this point: Frankie’s off with Sadie for a job with her phone broken; Sam’s been contacted at work by her police officer partner who’d just received a call; and Lexy’s being a doctor.


That said: Sam here just left me so wrecked, ok? Rule no. 1 of every relationship should be, “Bawal mamatay.” 🙁

On the upside, Lip Service has introduced a few interesting things, like:

1) Running. Yep. (R/L note: Am I the only lesbian who doesn’t like running? Am I missing out on things? Is it better than Zumba? LOL I THINK NOT ON THE LAST POINT BTW)

Omygod Heather Peace. Y so attractive.

2) Lexy in scrubs. Lexy being on top of things in a hospital setting. Lexy walking around with a stethoscope. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy all over again, but with pretty accents and single lesbians.

Lexy! Stethoscopes! On top of medical emergencies! My heart.

In 2.03, we are actually shown the fallout. Everyone breaks down in her own way and it broke my heart. Sam has her parents over (which was like, the heartbreaky-est point of everything) and goes to requisite counseling, but in her I see someone who knows how she should be going about this, but would like to take her time. I love her. She’s trying to be clear-headed, and it’s frustrating her that she’s doubting her dead girlfriend’s devotion, and everything. It’s so messy and it hurts and I love it.

2.03 also gives us new characters — and, um, a handful of very extensive and educational sex scenes that are not gratuitous at all (LOL, of course they were, but uh, not complaining) and I am kind of liking them and the new dynamics they are introducing. To wit:

1) Lauren, the editor that Sadie sleeps with, who’s apparently married to this girl we meet in 2.04 (who is also hot and owner of this art gallery or something?) Also: Lauren reminds me of the Mayor in Once Upon A Time, so. CHECK.

Mmm that eyebrow. Yes.

2) B, Lexy’s fuck-buddy, who is in an open relationship of some sort. I’m not supposed to like her, but I do. Also, it appears to me she is a bit ~talented. Plus points.

Dubious open relationship is dubious, but I feel optimistic this is going to be interesting.

Watching 2.04 last night, I’ve discovered that the only proper way to watch Lip Service is to have someone close whom you can grab and hug and, well, for that same someone to laugh at you a little for being horribly invested. I AM INVESTED, OK. It’s what I do with my lesbian shows.

In 2.04, we see Lexy reaching out to Sam, asking her out to a wine tasting “non-date” (Sure); Tess getting cock-blocked by Lexy every so often (Poor Tess); and Sadie finding herself in a verrrrrry interesting triangle when she meets Lauren’s partner in a party. DELICIOUS.

Also: 2.04 has no Frankie, who skipped town in 2.03, because it’s what she does/who she is, etc. And I actually like it better this way. Talking about the episode after, Andrea and I agreed that not having Frankie AND Cat — previously the “leads” of this series — anywhere kind of gives Lip Service this refreshing ~air. Idk, it’s a personal taste thing. Also: I can watch Sam and Lexy running together ALL DAY.

HNGGGG this gave me feelings.

Interesting foreshadowing also in 2.04: Lexy has a stalker and Sam has these panic attacks. I love how their personal circumstances outside of this Cat-related grief can possibly bring them together, and I am especially fond of this tender moment where Lexy tells Sam to “keep breathing” during one such attack. In return, Sam gives Lexy tips on documenting her stalker’s “activities”. (That credit card call was the CREEPIEST Jesus Christ.)

I sure hope it’s not grave illness on Sam’s part; and I also hope they don’t kill Lexy off with B’s possibly jealous partner or something. (When a show kills its lead character by randomly throwing a speeding car at her from out of nowhere, you tend to keep a close watch on your heart, you know.)

I admit, I am unashamedly on the Lexy/Sam ship, and because I am inexplicably drawn to dysfunction, I like the whole Lexy/Sam/Grief dynamic. Sam’s feeling guilty about being happy/being angry at Cat for cheating (Also in 2.04: Sam obsessing over CCTV shots — painful and you can tell this is something this character would NOT be doing if not for grief) and Lexy’s the level-headed doctor (“Sorry doc, I’m not here for some grief counseling”) who’s obviously having a difficult time trying not to take advantage of the situation/not getting herself in trouble/not falling into the trap of being the epic rebound.

Which brings us to how 2.04 ended: Wee hours of the morning, Sam banging at the door to Lexy’s house (“It’s Sam, let me in”) and letting it out in the middle of the hallway. By piecing things together, she’d concluded: Cat had been sleeping with Frankie. She was right.

Sam’s so wrecked and distraught — it’s ~unreal. This unraveling is totally NOT Sam, because the Sam we know is put together and rational, and now here this Sam is: In pain and paranoid, and if that isn’t the most painful almost/not-quite kiss EVER.

JESUS CHRIST. Truth be told this episode almost killed me. (Like that time in Lost Girl… sigh.) I loved how Lexy is so.. together at this point, at this hour and was still able to push Sam away. (“Not like this.”) And man, Sam is ~strong — that bit there was almost triggering, to be honest.

So Sam storms out (in unison, Andrea and I: “God I hope she doesn’t get run over!”) after being rebuffed and Lexy’s left being confused and perhaps borderline guilty (should I have just given in, as a friend?)

And the plot thickenssss. Expectations: Some awkwardness, some apologizing, some proposals to start from square One. I am SO INVESTED RIGHT NOW if this show gets canceled I’ll be terribly heartbroken I probably won’t eat for MONTHS. Okay, weeks. Okay… maybe a few days, but you get what I mean.


[1] Grace from Skins S6: Dead in Episode 2. Tony from Skins S1: Not dead, but similarly run over JFC. Sophia, Naomi’s “dead girl”, in Skins S4 + Freddie, of course. Though I think what Skins wanted is to explore grief? Lip Service is doing it better but this is another entry altogether, innit.



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