live through this (stars, 2.16.13)

All these things we say about songs of heartbreak these days: Where were you when I needed you? All these things you could have been to a younger me, etc. cannot be said at all about Stars’ Your Ex-Lover is Dead, simply because it was there when I needed it. (2006, heart so frayed, it’s a wonder I got this far)

Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead

Then, last Saturday at the Metrotent, I actually heard it sung LIVE. I’d actually post a video if it weren’t so damn huge (and if my voice singing along to ALL THE LINES weren’t that audible heh). I believe they were so surprised that 1) People knew them here, 2) People knew their songs, and 3) People knew ALL THE LYRICS. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the land of the infinite videoke.

Other points I wish to raise about the Stars concert before I go to the picspam:
– Torq was such a curious, surprising person
– Amy is SO HOT. I mean, I can’t. She isn’t technically thin, but GOOD LORD she’s sexy as hell. I mean — she moves so well, plus she plays some badass guitar. I just. I can’t. I love her.
– Favorite songs off the concert (apart from The Obvious): Fixed, Ageless Beauty, Midnight Coward (!!!), Take me to the Riot, Hold on When You Get Love, My Favorite Book.
– They sang 26 SONGS IN ALL. That’s, like, nearly 3 hours of almost dying from awesome. Set list here.

Whew. Now that we have that out of the way — here be the picspam. I have Andrea to thank for getting us prime standing area hehe — right smack in the middle, some three or four rows away from the stage. Sweet!

Massive photos under cut.

Take me to the riot!
Opening act: Outerhope
Ageless beauty
Oh, you beautiful woman.
Live through this (don't look back)
Live through this (don’t look back)
we don't want your body
we don’t want your body
the 400
the 400


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