lost girl catch-up: 2.16

The last time I wrote about Lost Girl, I was really mad at the presence of this Ryan character that I actually managed to put off Lost Girl for a while to concentrate on school work, etc. That was in episode 2.15. Now that the term’s done, I’ve managed to watch up to the season 2 finale (2.22 – good number, heh). Basically: It’s like Buffy season 4. (Lesbians, wolves, super powerful big bads) Which means it’s very, very good.

And because we’re actually talking of episodessss, we will have to do this in installments. Pardon the fangirling. This will have to be spread out in a few days. HEHE.

2.16 School’s out

So let’s pick up where we left off, shall we? And excuse me while I don my lesbian watcher goggles, because this is the episode where Lauren comes back. With Nadia.

(Cut for episode spoilers, obviously)

You remember that part, right? Where Lauren has this girlfriend who’s apparently been in a magic coma for five years, and how Bo actually was rather instrumental in waking this girl up, and how she actually walked in on Lauren and Nadia kissing, post-coma wake up, yes? SHRED MY HEART TO PIECES, that part. Oh, and also how this Nadia is apparently a photographer. Because shit happens like that, and the girl you’re up against is actually gorgeous. (I’m looking at you, Lip Service.)

Oh, Bo's face upon seeing all that ~glow on Lauren and Nadia. Priceless and heartbreaking.

ANYWAY. So Lauren comes back to Bo’s house to give back the keys to Bo’s car. She knocks on the door and gives Bo a hug – totally friendly, btw, if it hadn’t been that tight and ~lingering. There’s an awkward few moments in Bo’s living room when they try to catch up. Of course, Lauren’s being polite – she’s always polite – of the I can’t just borrow the keys to your car in order to take my newly woken girlfriend to a secluded cabin in the woods for a honeymoon and just bring it back to you without “catching up” for crying out loud-variety. Of polite.

The lake was nice. / Or at least, what we saw of it.

So yes, there is small talk involving Lauren and Nadia’s big gay getaway. There’s comment on how the lake was: Nadia says, “Or what we saw of it” and then Lauren says, “It rained. Once.” And oh how Lauren totally downplays this getaway so as not to hurt Bo’s feelings, JFC. And then Bo goes on to say she’s been “very busy,” to which Lauren replies: “Busy is good.”

Am I interrupting something?

And then there’s a knock on the door, and everybody tenses (hmm looks like Lauren and Nadia have grown used to not being interrupted by knocking huh) and it’s Dyson, with a case for Bo, and he adorably goes, “Am I interrupting something?” I have never loved Dyson as hard as I love him in this moment.

And for anybody who’s interested in this episode’s plot: There’s a thing that’s making students super intelligent, to the point of combustion. And Bo, Kenzi and Dyson have to go undercover… in high school. Say what you want, tell me it’s all been done before, but I love it when writers send characters in their mid-to-late twenties and thirties back to high school – in any capacity.

Anyway, there’s this moment where Lauren comes to visit and tries to ask undercover Lit teacher Bo what she can do for “extra credit.” It was funny and delicious. (Also: I would have loved it if the writers had written Bo in a way that she’s secretly a Lit buff? That would have been hot. Eons hotter than this ditzy teacher who can’t spell “Romeo” right, is what I’m saying. But meh.)

I can totally see what you're looking at, Doc. (And I don't really blame you.)
... and I don't blame you either.

Also in this episode: Nadia being hot and possessive. Now that I have properly distanced myself from this episode, I can already manage this thought. I think she’s sweet, in that she totally wants to spend more time with Lauren, who now wants to go back to work. (Oh Lauren, you and I.) Also, Nadia doesn’t look bad bra-less inside a white tanktop at all.

Bra-less Nadia/white tank top = OTP. Also this moment: GIVES ME FEELINGS.

So Nadia starts trying to seduce Lauren away from her microscope, and at some point Lauren actually teeters on surrender, but then she gets hold of herself and asks Nadia nicely to “pick up her camera” because she “hasn’t done so in ages.”

And in case you haven't noticed, I have a thing for arms. See also in this photo: Nadia's.

And being a good girlfriend that’s what Nadia does – and she starts taking pictures of Lauren. (At which point I actually pause the thing to ponder. This is tripping a lot of chords, lol.) And in a tender moment, she touches Lauren’s hair and goes, “God, you are so beautiful.”

Insert Winterson quote here: They don't see what I see; you are a clear pool of water where light plays. (Insert heartbreak here.)

At which point I have to pause again to fix myself a glass of water.

When I hit play again, Lauren’s capitulating to Nadia’s efforts. Nadia takes more photos, and I am promptly electrocuted when they start unbuttoning blouses.

And at some point, Nadia smiles and says, “There’s the old Lauren I know.” And because I am all alone as I rewatch this, I can actually say, “Oh my God” out loud. These girls are a-fuckin’-mazing. The moment is tender, hot and guilt-ridden all at the same time, it’s insane – and it is exactly what I’m watching Lost Girl for. And oh, Zoie Palmer’s face. I love it so hard. I love how her face says, “God my real girlfriend is hot” and “God I feel so guilty about Bo” ~at the same time.

Nadia almost has her against the lab counter (lol this.) when Lauren pulls away and says, “I really should get back to work.” GOD DAMN IT. And oh the disappointment in Nadia’s face makes me want to cuddle her for ~comfort.

But anyway – the gang solves the problem with the kids after Kenzi gets super smart herself, and in the end Nadia gets her sexytime, and while I have absolutely no complaints about seeing Lauren naked in nothing but underwear and her sheer white blouse —

Lauren: So I'm going to hop into the shower. Wanna come? (VERBATIM FROM THE SHOW YOU GUYS)

— BUT: something about the way Nadia stares at this photo of Lauren unsettles me. Turns out she’s taken a closeup photo of Lauren’s necklace from The Ash. DUNDUNDUN.

Exciting times up ahead indeed.

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