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I’m a billion years late to the Fantastic Women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe-party, but yeah, I just watched Iron Man 3 last night and I haven’t really recovered from Pepper Potts in that suit.

I'd watch a movie where Pepper goes around in this suit for three hours saving people that have fallen off a hijacked plane. Y/Y?
I’d watch a movie where Pepper goes around in this suit for three hours saving people that have fallen off hijacked planes. Y/Y?

Okay, deep breaths. Can we talk about women and badassery for a second? We can?

(Cut for incoherence possibly related to: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (!!!!!), Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Avengers, etc etc MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE—)

Basically, this is SHIELD‘s fault. All of it. It wasn’t my intention to fall right into an interconnected universe of fantastic women, okay? It wasn’t my intention to get roped into Captain America 2, and get re-acquainted with Maria Hill, who is now everywhere on my devices, hot damn.

I haven’t seen the SHIELD finale (it is the finale, right? Ep 21?) but the previous episode right about killed me.Yeah, the one that opens with Maria talking to the phone with Pepper after a hearing — GDI, that’s what brought me to Iron Man 3, actually– and then May and Maria have that talk in the alley, then Maria brings the entire Navy to Coulson at Fury’s secret base then they beat the hell out of all those big military-sized men? The one where Ward throws an off-hand sexist remark aimed to take down BOTH Maria and Natasha as women of skill, and then Maria just makes this pissed face:

Of course, Maria, Pepper and Natasha talk over the phone all the time. HEADCANON ACCEPTED.

I CANNOT, YOU GUYS. Have you any idea how frayed my nerves are just waiting for the next SHIELD episode? Good. (Embarrassing, isn’t it.)

The other night, I was looking for an old file, then I came across my copy of The Avengers. BAM. There goes that night. When I saw that in the cinemas at the time, I didn’t understand half the backstory, but re-watching it with TWENTY EPISODES OF SHIELD AS AVAILABLE BACKSTORY + CA:TWS, I was like *heavens opened, angels singing* TANGINA ANG GANDA OKAY.

Also, this:

sexual orientation: maria hill throwing her gun into her fucking jeep before fucking sliding into it and going in ~pursuit~

I have no idea what the point of this post originally was, but basically I will watch a movie where all the girls take over: Pepper Potts flies around in a hot metal thing, Maria Hill commands the entire operation, and Natasha Romanoff x Melinda May take down an entire ship full of pirates — all in a day’s work, then they drink at the Stark penthouse after.

Yes, all of that. YES.

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