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No time to do a sober review of Les Miserables, which Andrea and I watched at the cinemas on Sunday. Which is to say this entry will be mostly about flailing. Harsh on my squee elsewhere k.

Anyway: To the point — Yes, we cried.

Anne Hathaway was breathtaking — literal. Ikaw na ang naiyak at nakanta at nahikbi ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Ikaw na talaga teh. 

That said, that was an awesome rendition of I Dreamed a Dream, though  it merits mentioning that Lea Salonga’s rendition when she played Fantine for the 25th anniversary concert still gives me the shivers.

And speaking of shivers: YOU GUYS my stonecold heart wept at One Day More. Seriously. Anthems make me cry. So: Anthems + crescendos + FLAGS = THIS. I’m glad we brought a roll of tissue to the showing.

Speaking of things that deserve mention: The 1.15 showing at Greenbelt 3 yesterday was perhaps the politest bunch — no one in our immediate earshot sang along, and the noise was at a minimum, and I’m pretty sure we were the only ones making audible crying noises. NO REGRETS THO.

PS. Hihi was Eponine totally binding her boobs there? HOT BTW. Ugh, my lesbian glasses apparently cannot be disabled.

PPS. The guy who paid Enjolras was in Gossip Girl as Trip Van der Bilt. HAHA YOU LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY.

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