lost girl catch-up: 4.08

Mini-cap of Lost Girl 4.08 — It’s Yule, there’s a grumpy Fae santa who goes all Willy Wonka on people with regret, Hale tries multiple pick-up line combinations to get Kenzi to do it with him, Lauren, Dyson and Vex get drunk and TAMSIN GETS STUCK IN A TIME LOOP WITH BO AND THEY KISS IN ALL OF THEM LOOPS. In a nutshell: You have no idea how much I love this episode.

Gazillion valkubus screencaps under cut. Warning.

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lost girl catch-up: 4.07

Mini-cap of Lost Girl 4.07 – Dyson is framed for something and is caged with Kenzi by the Una Mens, and Bo tries to get to the bottom of things by going inside Dyson’s memory. There’s dream!Kenzi and dream!Lauren speaking with French accents, Zoie Palmer singing in French (!!!), a red string, a mention of Tegan and Sara, and oh my god, Lauren/Dyson nudity. My eyes. Also: Shoes are evil. I have always known this.

Screencaps and elsethings under cut.

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lost girl catch-up: 4.05

Mini-cap of Lost Girl 4.05 – Evony’s back on top, the Dark throws a party and everybody’s invited, Lauren and Bo finally see each other, and Kenzi and Tamsin go for it in an epic dance-off.

A DANCE OFF, SERIOUSLY. It’s like the writers really did some ~research during their hiatus. Haha.

Elsethings and screencaps under cut.

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lost girl catch-up: 4.04

Mini-cap of Lost Girl 4.04: Tamsin’s back, and when I say back, I mean RACHEL SKARSTEN hello. Also, Lauren goes from bedroom to dungeon (What?), Bo and Dyson get it on in a boxing ring, Kenzi is awesome as an older sister (because hello, X-Files!), and I’m really glad there is no Jenny Schechter to write about (yet I still mention her anyway! Go me.) ALSO: The Druid is human!

Elsethings, screencaps, etc under cut.

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lost girl catch-up: 4.02

Mini-cap of Lost Girl 4.02 – Tamsin’s back as a kid, Kenzi makes a fantastic babysitter, Bo’s still on a train, Lauren is still a brunette waiting tables in a diner somewhere while trying not to flirt with her co-waitress, Dyson is working with Jenny Schechter (who is still here! what in the world, a multi-episode arc!), and right in the middle of it all Hale gets nearly eaten by a group of beautiful salon attendants with talons.

Don’t look at me, I don’t write this show.

Five things you need to know about episode 2 — with screencaps — under cut.

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