we found somebody

GOTYE feat. KIMBRA vs. RIHANNA – We Found Somebody That I Used to Know (P.A.F.F. MASHUP)

You GUYS. I don’t even know where to start with this, but it’s like somebody’s been listening through the walls and this somebody knows I’ve only been alternating between TWO SONGS during my idle moments, and. *flaily hands*

(Thanks to Claire for this one)

(Cut for general side notes on life, a couple of photos of GREAT HAIR.)

Sidenote on life: Life’s been strangely adult these past few days — and I have been struggling to finish the takehome FinAcc exam since it was distributed Tuesday. Shucks. I confess I’ve been procrastinating out of fear. The up side: I’ve finished the Info Man takehome exam, and the report on Wednesday night went rather well. Yay. No Zumba on Thursday on account of adulthood (Sorry girls) and work-wise, it’s that time of the year the bosses go around with words like budget, and it all makes me feel so incredibly five years older. IDK.

ALSO: I do not understand how anyone could be this adorable, but:

Ohai Michele Gumabao. This photo taken by iConceptz Photography by Edward. Sorry to grab, but thank you the photo set was awesome.

Requisite attribution: Grabbed this photo from this Facebook album. Thank you!

And since we’re on the topic of AWESOME HAIR, I’d also like to note that my girlfriend got an awesome haircut for the billionth time! Summary: Ugh, her hair is always better than mine. See:

Hi miss. 🙂 This lady here has also been dutiful in updating her AUS/NZ LJ recap. I AM SO PLEASED. Links!:

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  1. Haha awshucks but thanks for the very flattering comment anak haha 🙂 Flattery will provide you with an increase in allowance (if you still studied, lol)

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