we interrupt this program: lost girl 3×12

Barge into my shower anytime, Tamsin.
Barge into my shower anytime, Tamsin.

UGH. I do not have time for these FEELINGS, really — I have two final papers and a report due by Saturday! What are you doing to me, Lost Girl!

HNGGG. Anyway, just to be quick about it:

  • Lauren is being stupid. See? This is what you get by choosing the boy over the girl, gdi. Who the fuck leaves her phone at home? (Except when you have to go to the US Embassy, of course.)
  • Kenzi/Hale. Buhay pa pala tong arc na to, mga teh?
  • New OT3: Bo/Tamsin/Bath tub. (OT4 kung idadagdag natin yung hawak niyang… Tanduay? Whatevs.)
  • Ugh Tamsin calling Bo perfect. I don’t know what this is about, akala ko kakanta ng I Knew I Loved You ng Savage Garden si Tamsin sa background habang lasing (it would have been totally appropriate btw), but just — oh my God. Nalaglag puso ko, pakipulot plz. Where do you get off being so perfect? I mean, so much has been inferred about this bath tub scene, so  many ridiculous dialogue, but THIS SPEECH: This speech came out of nowhere and just. UGH. I don’t know whether to feel giddy, turned on or horribly heartbroken about it. (For the meantime, I have decided I am heartbroken.)
  • That said, if Tamsin isn’t in Season 4 I will be irreparably heartbroken.
  • Drunk!Tamsin being all forward yet cryptic, dipping into bath tubs in her sexy tanktop and fitted jeans alongside  naked sudsy ladies and being all, “Your eyes are blue and brown at the same time. You’re not supposed to be real. Ugh can we keep her? Please? (Though less drunk and more snarky? Please?)
  • Please? I am done losing my favorite characters to fictional deaths. SO. DONE.
  • … please?

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