what i read: eliza victoria’s “dwellers”

Finished Eliza’s latest novel “Dwellers” yesterday. As with everything she’s ever written: The prose is beautiful and you never see the story coming. (I regret not counting the times I said, What the fuck?! while reading this. Haha. Tangina Eliza ano ba ‘tong utak mo ANG GANDA ANG GALING OK.) I’m sorry this is not a helpful review haha. I’m afraid of spoiling things! (However, you can read a five-chapter excerpt here at The Galvanizers. I love this site, btw.)


Rule No. 1: You don’t kill the body you inhabit.

Rule No. 2: You should never again mention your previous name.

Rule No. 3: You don’t ever talk about your previous life. Ever.

Two young men with the power to take over another body inhabit the bodies and lives of brothers Jonah and Louis. The takeover leads to a car crash, injuring Jonah’s legs and forcing them to stay in the brothers’ house for the time being. The street is quiet. The neighbors aren’t nosy. Everything is okay. They are safe, for now.

Until they find a dead body in the basement.


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